Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chick Flight School

Featured Chicken Enthusiast:  Roberta and Joachin, Long Beach

We love our new little chicks.  They are currently too small to be introduced to the big girls so they are living in our courtyard in an exercise pen.  When we open the door we run and they chase us and starting flapping their wings to catch-up.  Pip gets the most air.  They are really silly.  You can see the video on youtube here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mission: BCM Rooster Rescue

Featured Chicken Enthusiasts:  Irine and Robert, Santa Clarita

Another tale of an urban rooster in hiding because he was "illegal".  I wanted to have a black copper marans (BCM) hen and found out that it can be a little hard to get them without paying a small fortune.  I heard about the Chef who had a well respected flock and I asked for some eggs.  $60 for a dozen and a little extra for shipping.  It would be less to ship than to haul my truck out there.  The eggs were beautiful and he shipped extras.  Two had broken, which i was glad for because I got to eat them.  Really wonderful.  Made me want to have BCM hens even more.  I never knew an egg could taste so creamy and rich.

Some were super brown and some lighter but I put them all in the incubator.  I had a couple of good hatches from our Rhode Island Reds of 100% but the shipping was going to affect the hatch rate.  Well it affected them alot!  Only 3 of the 15 eggs hatched and I hope for a girl.  They were scraggly looking things.   I emailed the Chef to let him know that they had hatched and that I would probably want more eggs soon.  Well to my horror, he said that he wouldn't have any for a long time because his dog had killed all his flock expect for one hen.  So sad.  And now I felt I needed to make sure these guys made it.  At one point I found one of the dogs next to brooder with chicken feet sticking out of her mouth.   I screamed and got the little BCM out and she or he was covered in doggie slobber but still alive and seemingly unhurt and just a tiny bit shaken by the whole experience.  I'm still not sure which one it was.

There is more to the story but I will update the story later.  Suffice it to say that after much moving him around I had Sleepy, the BCM rooster, back in our house in Long Beach where roosters are not allowed.  I was keeping him inside in the morning in a small crate and then putting him back out later in the day.  Alot of work and I could still hear him crowing/singing a tiny bit outside the house so not a permament solution.

Luckily Irine and Robert from our group said that they would give him a home and would take him the next morning!  I was so happy.  I didn't want him to be lonely so I brought Precious along.  Sleepy is a little shy but Precious won't take anything so she's good to have around for him.  He still doesn't realize that he's big and strong so ducks a lot when he sees other chickens.

Their new home is so wonderful with lots of space and he can crow to his heart's delight.  Irine said that I can come back anytime to see them and that I could have a dozen eggs to hopefully get a few more BCM.

I'm just so happy that Sleepy will get to live out his life and be appreciated for being the impressive being that he is.  He's just 4 months old and has lots of life to live still.

Now he's already looking better having all this room to stretch out in.  I'm so happy for him. Here are some pictures Irene has already sent of them in their new home.   - roberta