Saturday, October 26, 2013

LB Children's Clinic Health Fair Fun

Today our three little Angels, did some PR for backyard chickens.  They were a big hit with all the kids and their families.  Many wanted to pet and hold them and were so excited.  Up close they marveled at how pretty their feathers are and loved how soft their feathers are.  The little Angels are about 4 months old and their mommy is a rhode island red and their daddy is a white frizzle bantam cochin.  They are super friendly but after a  little scratchy were pretty bored.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Learning About Native Plants with Sylvia

This weekend Sylvia held a wonderful event for the LA Urban Chicken Enthusiasts.  She presented information about how to created a Certified Wildlife Habitat in her West Side home.  She first removed her grass, added a dry river bed and plants a wide a array of plants and developed a site that included all the elements to support wildlife, water, shelter, forage and a place to raise their young.

 She also told us how she designed her coop and even arranged for us to go to her daughter's house to see their coop.  It was Sylvia's granddaughter that had thought it would be a great idea for her to have chickens.  Sylvia is no stranger to chickens and she had a picture of her with chickens as a little girl.

We had a bleach foot bath to decontaminte shoes before attendees walked around Sylvia's yard and asked for anyone with chickens to have fresh clothes to help with biosecurity to prevent the inadvertent transmission of infections.

Thank you, Sylvia, again for such a well organized event.

The Babies Are All Grown Up

Peanut has kicked her little babies to the curb and sees them as just plain annoying.  But they haven't forgotten their mommy.  One of her little angels still tries to sleep with her even though it means being pecked and that they don't really fit under anymore at 4 months of age!