Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Love Our Baby Chicks

OK Update on Peanut, our special Rhode Island Red hen. I was surprised when she started to act broody.  I didn't know that RIRs were ever broody but our wise group let me know that heritage RIRs are great mommies!  Now she's got three little cute chicks that she hatched from herself and Frosty our frizzle rooster. They're 3 weeks old now and wonderfully friendly and I might even say i think that they are girls. I could sit all day holding Peanut and the three of them. They like to sit on her back and we all take quicky naps together.

Here's a super cute video of one of the chicks not even a week old dust bathing with her mommy. It's funny to see her get kicked around and loving it. 


 I love Peanut and her babies.