Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bev's Chicken Heaven

Featured Chicken Enthusiast:  Bev

Here are pictures of  my other polish...I have two standard buff laced ...they are called thing 1 and thing 2 both only have eyes for each other both hens. I have phyllis diller she is a partridge polish crested and she cannot be without barney rooster. a bantam partridge rooster. I have to give all my polish hens head feather cuts otherwise the would not be able to see I love my hens, they all spend a lot of time with me while I garden so each and every-one of them gets a name and at least 50 % of them come when I call them by their names. My friends are always floored by how friendly they are and how much personality a chicken can have. Most people dont think of them as being able to be pets like a dog or cat. If I leave my backdoor open for a second or window I have a chicken wanting to come inside the house. 

Andy Warhol has an amazing personality.  the moment I walk into the garden she runs up to me , pecks my leg to be picked up and offered a treat . Here is a picture of her with Bandit her husband a bantam cochin rooster . and a picture with my husband, andy warhol and bandit,  these where taken when she was around three months she currently is two now..  

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  1. I love the pictures, but the buff laced polish is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had room for one.