Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sidekick and Pip-squeak Find a New Home

Featured Chicken Enthusiast:  Roberta, Long Beach

Earlier this month Rishi posted on our message board that he was looking for chickens and a bunny to grow his animal family in Diamond Bar at the Growing Home.  

Hey friends,
Well with the new coop up we have plenty of room for our birds, and I'd like to add 2 more to our flock. Anyone looking to downsize their laying flock? I'd prefer red/pink egg layers, and I can offer $10/bird. 
Also, I'm looking for a male bunny as a companion to a female that we have who is lonely. 
The Growing Home

Well, I believe that things are meant to be and I happened to have two chickens and a bunny looking for a home.  And now they are with Rishi.  Just knowing that they will be loved is important  and we even helped build their coop.  They were raised by Little Mama who is an English game hen who went broody at just a few months old.  She knew exactly what to do and those chicks turned out to be perfect.  Sidekick would also jump onto our outstretched had but Pip would never let us hold her.  If we tried to touch her she would cry like we were killing her.  But they both ran to us when we came in the room because they knew they would get some special treat.  I miss them but know they have a great home.  

Not even a day old and super duper cute!

A week old and looking pretty like their adopted mommy.

Pip on the left and Sidekick on the right with Little Mamas wings tucking them in for bedtime.

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