Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kait's Ladies Are Laying!

Featured Chicken Enthusiast:   Kait, Los Angeles

We get great posts each day on our LA Urban Chicken Enthusiast message board and today I saw Kait's post "Our Chickens Started Laying".  I love these posts.

Kait posted:
Hi Everyone! 
I joined the group when we got our buff orpingtons last September, but haven't been very active. I'm proud to say that they started laying about 2 weeks ago (at about 32 weeks) and we've been getting 2 eggs a day 5 days a week! It's such an amazing feeling to be able to pick up fresh eggs every day. Thank you everyone for sharing your experience on the board, it's helped us a lot!

Pete replied:
Yep, every egg is a little miracle to me. And they taste so great! I often find myself thanking my hens when I collect their eggs.

I asked to see these girls and eggs and in no time here's what Kait sent to inspire new chicken enthusiasts.  I know I'm inspired.

One of Kait's Buff Orpingtons

Pretty Eggs from Kait's Buff Orpingtons

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